30 Days Until a New Habit

30 Days. It takes about one month to form a new habit and it’s only been a little over a week since you’ve sat down and considered what your resolution for 2014 would be. For the first couple of days, social media pages were flooded with posts like “New Year: New Me” and all of the hype probably had you motivated. But, what about now? How do you stay excited and committed until you’ve reached the thirty day mark?

Reminders. Leave inspirational notes for yourself around the house or office in places you’ll see them sporadically throughout the day. Set reminders or alarms on your cell phone randomly throughout the month. Change the background of your computer desktop or of your cell phone to something encouraging for your specific resolution.

Goals. Set small, weekly and measurable goals. By providing yourself with smaller tasks, achieving something and rewarding yourself more frequently throughout the month will continue to keep you motivated and on track.

Communicate. Encourage your friends and family to stick to their resolutions. Seeing the progress of others will entice you to push ahead.  Also, you can share your resolution with someone or something that will hold you accountable for it- whether it be a new gym buddy, volunteer coordinator or your Twitter followers.

With these tips, hopefully making a habit out of your resolution will be easy. If you slip up, don’t worry about it. Keep at it and good luck!


For other tips visit: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2014/01/06/make-2014-year-keep-your-resolutions/
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Me, Myself, and I

As of late, people use personal days when sickness surprises, an emergency occurs, or a vacation period isn’t long enough. Work days last until your head hits the pillow and begin before you have the chance to hit snooze again. Weekends are no longer used to unwind from the hectic workweek; Saturdays and Sundays have evolved into the new “catch-up on X,Y&Z” days. So, where does true personal time fit in?

Happiness and good mental health are two of the best conquerors to sickness and stress.  In order to skip the slump of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and knock out the common cold, dedicate some time for yourself. Make time to paint, do yoga, play a pick-up game of basketball, watch your favorite football team; do anything but work! Setting aside time for yourself seems to have been given (inappropriately) the selfish-stigma, especially in 2013. Putting too much time into other areas of your life can lead to imbalance, unhappiness, and unnecessary stress. Finding the right balance for you and your life can make all of the difference. Find that hour of honest-to-goodness personal time and see how much easier it is to get through the day, the significant improvement of your mood, and how less often you’ll frequent the NyQuil aisle.