Portion Control

In a world of all-you-can-eat style dining, super-sized options and bottomless servings, it’s no wonder society’s idea of what constitutes a “normal portion” is skewed. At fast food joints, the old large became the new medium and the new large now requires two hands to hold. People assume upgrading to the super-sized option for an extra $0.89, or chowing down at an all-you-can-eat buffet is really getting their bang for their buck. In reality, society is purchasing a one-way ticket to obesity, heart complications, and sky-high pharmaceutical and medical bills. Granted, eating until the button on your pants pops one or two times isn’t going to cause a huge detriment to your health; allowing these eating habits to become part of your daily routine, can. To prevent this from happening, here are some ways to remind us all what exactly is a healthy portion…

First and foremost, you eat with your eyes before anything else. When you’re “starving”, filling an entire plate with food seems logical- to your eyes. But, have you noticed the sizes of our plates? A platter and plate should not be interchangeable! Utilizing smaller plates will first and foremost keep your portion sizes down while still thinking you’re getting the satisfaction of a full platter-sized plate.

Second, tailor your portions to your lifestyle. If you’re physically active for multiple hours a day, the nutrients your body needs will vary significantly from those needed for a couch potato. Eat to replenish your body with nutrients, not until you’re stuffed. Also, by eating at a slower pace, you gain the sensation of being full faster. So, enjoy your meal- don’t make it a race.

Finally, use familiar objects when thinking of correct portion sizes. For example, when preparing protein, the portion should be no larger than a deck of cards. Or, if you’re indulging in frozen yogurt, the healthy portion size is said to be half of the size of a baseball. Inkling for a baked potato? Make sure it’s no larger than a desktop mouse. Having waffles or pancakes for breakfast? Measure up with a CD! By comparing portion sizes with things you can easily visualize in your head, you can ensure you’re preparing the healthiest portions!

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