“Keep Calm & Carry On”

Regardless of the extremity, stress is an every day occurrence. Stress comes in all forms and different triggers affect people in varying ways. Whether it be financial, mental, physical, emotional, or social stress- stress affects. Depending on personal preference and the type of stress that you’re feeling, there are different ways to handle stress. According to MedlinePlus, managing stress can include a physical or emotional alteration. The outcome of a stressful situation solely relies on how a person chooses to respond. If a stress management technique is not implemented, the body is continuously on high-alert which can result in more serious health problems.

In order to avoid or beat stress, maintaining a healthy diet and remaining active are very important. By providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly, physical stress will be less likely to occur. Working out is a good outlet for stress and releases endorphins into the body, producing a good mood.

Relax- whatever that means to you. Whether you find going for a walk, taking a break, listening to music, writing or reading to be relaxing- do it. Finding ways to help you calm down and reach a state of relaxation is essential to stress management. Avoiding alcohol or caffeine and surrounding yourself with a good support system or being social are other ways to keep stress at bay.

HelpGuide.org explains how beneficial the ‘Four A’s’ can be to dealing with stress: Avoid the stressor, Alter the stressor, Adapt the stressor and Accept the stressor. The ‘Four A’s’ can be practiced through avoiding stressful situations, learning to cut back on your “to-do list”, being assertive, learning to compromise, looking at the big picture, focusing on the positives, sharing your feelings and accepting what cannot be changed.

One of the most important things to remember is that stress is normal. Life comes equipped with stressors; be sure to equip yourself with the proper mindset and tactics to avoid being consumed by the stress.


For more information on stress and how to handle stressful situations, you can either seek advice from your doctor or from the websites listed below that were used in the creation of this post:





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