It’s that time of year again…

It’s time to break out the extra boxes of Kleenex, over-sized sweaters and preferred decongestants. Your favorite blanket and collection of DVDs aren’t bad ideas either. October marks the unofficial start to the dreaded cold and flu season which means now is the perfect time to stock up on those cold and flu weapons and necessities, like:

  • Hand soap and sanitizing products- help out your immune system!
  • Plenty of rest and reducing stress- both of these can help increase the productivity of your immune system.
  • Gym time- higher body temperature means viruses can’t survive!
  • Soups, teas, and juices- great for hydration, gentle on the stomach, and can help those congested sinuses.
  • Humidifier- Increasing the moisture in the air can aid in sinus pressure and sore/dry throat.
  • Appropriate medication- antibiotics won’t help cure a cold or flu because they are caused by viruses, not bacteria.
  • Vitamin C- helps reduce the amount of time you’re sick for.
  • Influenza vaccine- this shot can help prevent the flu virus from attacking.

Catching your cold or flu at the beginning stages is important so you can get back on your feet and feeling better, faster. Fighting your sickness early-on can also prevent the cold or flu from morphing into something even worse. 

When you are sick, remember that your body is putting in over-time to fight the virus. Providing your body with what it needs, like the proper nutrition, can only help. Also, be mindful of those around you; do your best to keep your germs to yourself by sneezing or coughing into the crease of your elbow, washing your hands regularly, and if possible, stay home!

The link below provides more tips for prevention and further explanations. For more information, check it out!


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