The E7 Growl

Problem: As soon as the teacher stops talking or the boardroom grows silent, it happens- the growl. We’ve all been there. As stomachs are covered to try to muffle the strange, distinguishable sound, and lunch still an hour away, we’re forced to the only solution- “E7” for a bag of potato chips from the dependable vending machine down the hallway.

Solution: There really is no solution for the growl, or being hungry; it’s bound to happen throughout the day. There is, however, an alternative solution to the “E7”. WebMD’s article “Quick Tips: Making Healthy Snacks” provides three suggestions. First, find healthy substitutes. Thanks to the internet, a recipe for a healthier spin on your favorite snack is only a Google search away. Second, make snacks interesting. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try a new concoction. Third, be prepared. This one’s the biggie; if you have a healthier snack in your bag, you can avoid the “E7” solution, without a doubt.

Finding Healthy Substitutes

Craving chips and dip? Try baked chips or pita bread for your carb. For dipping, a hummus or guacamole/homemade salsa can do the trick. Need a chocolate fix? Low-fat yogurt and fruit with a drizzle of chocolate sauce not only satisfies a sweet tooth, but is a good source of protein and fiber. Love popcorn? Try the light or no butter added popcorn.  Adding a small dash of Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes for taste is never a bad option! Need something sweet and savory? Try a trailmix of dried fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate.  Frozen yogurt (right up our alley!) is a fantastic, healthy alternative when craving something cold and sweet. There is always a healthy way to satisfy any craving!

Make Snacks Interesting

Add a pinch of cinnamon to your apple slices with low-fat yogurt or try your hand at baked sweet potato fries or steam it in the microwave. Make a yogurt and fruit smoothie (or stop at Sincerely Yogurt® for one!). To give celery flavor, dip the vegetable into low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter. Make your own fruit bars or popsicles, or top a wholegrain cracker with a hummus spread.

Be Prepared

Keeping small portions of a prepared healthy snack in your bag will never fail you. Keeping healthy food alternatives around you will prevent you from making those bad food choices. Being prepared with the right food will also help you meet all of your suggested daily values, allowing you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

It can’t be guaranteed that the growl won’t happen, but hopefully these tips will steer you away from your next “E7” situation!

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