Fall into, not out of, a motivational season

Signs of Fall approaching doesn’t mean that summer-inspired workout routines and “eating clean” have to fall to the way-side. Maintaining the progress you made this summer throughout the Holiday months can be difficult- but it doesn’t have to be! “Cheating” on your summer routine throughout the autumn and winter then holding off until January 1st to make a promise to yourself to live healthier that, let’s be honest, will probably be broken within the first week, is the biggest setback you can create for yourself. Let the change in season be a motivation to keep the change in you! Stick to these five tips, and you’ll keep yourself on track! Remember, it takes thirty days for a body to adapt and fall into to a new routine!

1. Watch your favorite TV shows regularly. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s the difference; instead of working your arm to grab the remote and skip over commercials or reach into that bag of chips, be truly active. During the show, utilize your free-weights or use that couch as a support for triceps dips. Move your stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill in front of the TV. Try to do X amount of crunches before the commercial break is over. Your favorite show can turn your living room into the perfect gym, and you don’t even have to put your shoes on.

2. Look at the leaves. Throw on a sweater, lace up an old pair of boots, and go for a hike. With the leaves changing, why not utilize beautiful scenery while staying active? Natural landscapes and cool, fresh air provides a tranquil setting contrary to that stuffy gym atmosphere.

3. Make football game munchies. There’s no reason to deprive yourself while “eating clean”. Eating in moderation and tweaking some traditional recipe favorites won’t steer you off of your clean-eating course. Instead of loading up nachos, make home-made guacamole or salsa with your choice of healthy cracker or baked pita. Turkey burger sliders hit the spot just as well as a traditional beef patty would. Or, to satisfy that sweet tooth, caramelize your fruit of choice. Remember to be mindful of the amount of sugar you add or additional items you top it with, like frozen yogurt!

4. Be artsy. Create an inspiration board and strategically place it where you will cross its path multiple times a day. Kick the thought of staying in bed when it’s cool or rainy outside- read your board and adjust your plan for the day. There’s no harm in self-motivation. Remind yourself of your goals and of the good attributes you possess.

5. Take personal time. One important thing about living a healthy lifestyle that many overlook is to be just as conscious of your mental and emotional health as you are of your physical health. Today’s society urges people to be busier than ever. Allot some time for yourself and do something you love to do it. Creating a healthier lifestyle doesn’t imply to drop what you love to do. Providing yourself with happiness can prevent eating out of stress, becoming unmotivated, and excessively sleeping.

Some information from “10 Tips for Fall Fitness” on WebMD.com

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